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Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Are you a creative who often gets stuck, paralyzed by perfection? Do you sometimes suffer from a crisis of confidence? Are you looking for some thing to inspire you, a cheerleader to encourage you or a shoulder to lean on while you figure out your next step?

You are not alone! As I talk to maker friends in these little squares, I’m amazed at how many of us feel this way. And it has nothing to do with the number of followers we have, the volume of sales in our shop (or if we even have one), or even the comments on our posts.

I know for me, it has to do with my need for community. What about you? Are you hungry for a community of creatives to hang out with? I know I am! And instead of sitting here wishing I could find it, I decided to make it ... message me if you’d like to join in on this adventure. I don’t have it all figured out yet, but exploration is part of the creative process, so, I’m diving in!

In his book, Cure For the Common Life, Max Lucado defines your sweet spot as the place where your uniqueness and your every day life converge to make a big deal out of God. In the roaring 20's, individuals strove to be referred to as the bee's knees. Being the bee's knees was on par with being the cat's meow or the cat's pajamas... wonderful, splendid, awesome, outstanding. I was always a bit perplexed as to why this phrase meant was used in this fashion, until I read Max's book. You see, I knew that the bee's knees were the place where bees carried all the pollen and when I understood that they were using their unique qualities of bee-ness and combining it with their everyday duties of visiting flower after flower, I realized that they were making a big deal out of God... I mean, this pollen that they gathered caused more flowers to grow, veggies to come to life on the can even add a special flare to honey, unique to the areas the bee's visit... I mean that's making a big deal out of how cool God is. Who else could take a tiny insect and use it for all that? The idea of using my uniqueness... I mean, who else is there like me... and combining it with my everyday life ... which seems pretty everyday, but joy filled at the same show how cool God is, well, that sounds like a pretty awesome concept! I admit, I want a taste of that sweet spot! I know that you have unique gifts too. And, I am sure that your everyday, which at times seems pretty ordinary, can have bits of awesomeness in it. I get it, sometimes that awesomeness isn't so obvious to me as I am walking through my day, but often, the well placed words of a friend can open my eyes to the blessings of my day. I'm fairly confident (or at least very hopeful) that I am not the only one who feels this way in the world, so... if you'd like to join me as I search for that sweet spot and find your own spot along the way, then let me know!

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